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Candidate for Calgary-Currie United Conservative Party


Video Number 1

An introduction to myself as a candidate and my innovation which will change the future of Governance in Alberta and beyond.


Video Number Two

Detailing my technology to improve accountability in governance!

A first in Canada!


Video Number Three

Using current headlines - this video shows how my innovation will assist people in improving Governance.


Final Thoughts on Calgary-Currie Campaign…

Dear Calgary-Currie UCP Members,

My campaign team will be providing AAA Alberta Beef on a bun tomorrow with hot chocolate and/or water as a thank-you for your participation in the vote tomorrow at Rutland Park Community Hall from 2-8pm.

This is a FREE service my campaign will provide to all voters, candidates and their teams, and venue volunteers.  My daughter’s company “Get Smoked” is providing the food trailer and it will be located right off the venue parking lot – so come by and get fed while supplies last…and thank you for letting us bother you these past few months concerning this vote.

I have tried to inform you about changing our models of governance (watch video 2 and 3 on my webpage at www.danmorrison.ca)– and rather than promote myself to you…I have sought instead to show you a brilliant new development I have worked to bring to the people that will allow all of us to be instantly aware of the voice of the majority, and therefore; 

‘insert ourselves as the rightful authority of the government we have created - in directing our elected neighbours more efficiently towards a successful outcome…in order to strengthen and protect Alberta both now and in the future.’

This new development is for your protection and awareness – not a mob rule scenario…but it will allow for correct messaging by the people, as opposed to the manipulative messaging being promoted by groups seeking to harm our ability as a people.

Calgary-Currie UCP members – If you are the type of person that understands that the people MUST protect their own outcomes for future prosperity from all levels of government over-reach via improper principles and politics…then you will vote for my idea because it will immediately change outcomes in the people’s favour.  You are the first people in Canada’s history to be able to bring this powerful device into your lives – and why wouldn’t you want this level of awareness and protection!

But – if you are the type of person that wants to continue believing that Government will look after you…then you will reject my idea and vote against it to remain status quo in an advancing socialist society controlled in part by world government intrusion.

Alberta is losing to socialist principles which have been deemed ‘normal’ by all political parties in our lifetime; and unfortunately, candidates seeking election to public office provide no solutions to affect this dangerous acceptance.

And for many reasons, I am seeking to correct this!

Our forefathers gave their lives so others could not take from them – and this generation silently watches their freedoms erode to a stroke of a pen…bringing to pass incorrect principles and laws derived without their consent!   

My app will correct this – if you are willing to stand up for proper principles of governance!

Under our current models of governance, dominated by partisan rhetoric, Alberta’s future will immediately have to overcome:

  1. Bill C-69 which will make the NEP look like a small inconvenience…it wasn’t - it devastated Alberta.

  1. Continuation of ‘legalized plunder’ through Equalization Tax…

  1. More socialist ideology with the Carbon Tax and governments ability to take any amount they want going forward…

  1. Prosperity and self-reliance choking regulations to stall our ability to be self-sufficient…another socialist tactic.

  1. And Alberta’s $48-billion-dollar unfunded pension liabilities…

And you have no voice! Hopefully you get the idea – but I am not sure you do.  

Without my unifying app to give people an immediate voice in directing the outcome of these matters, the future will see you burdened far more than you are now.  

You who come to vote represent just 2% of people over 14 years of age in this riding.  Can you understand the level of inefficiency that requires multiple candidates walking door-to-door for months to achieve a 2% awareness rate with inconsistent communication messaging? 

This is common in all ridings by the way – and you are told it is normal.  My app would give at least 80% a chance to have immediate participation, awareness, and knowledge towards fighting an agenda that is using all of todays best technologies to take your earned wealth.

I am the first person in Canada to offer you an efficient way to protect yourself.  You can be guaranteed that a future Alberta government will have enough willing people, dressed all fancy, to tell you news items that we can all access via mainstream media – but I am the first one to give you the opportunity to direct the news with your constant voice and choice towards principles that will strengthen, protect, and prosper us as a people!

Make sure you come vote…you have first right of acceptance for this development!

And remember FREE FOOD – while it lasts :)

Thanks for trying to improve our society,

Dan Morrison



A seventh generation Canadian - Dan was born and raised in Calgary-Currie. As such, Dan has an excellent understanding on this ridings many complexities and needs.

Dan and his wife Tracey have been married for 36 years and have eight children and seven grandchildren.

Dan holds two Bachelor Degrees from the University of Calgary, and Masters in Administrative Leadership from Gonzaga University in the State of Washington USA.  He has 30 years of experience as a High School Teacher with the Calgary Board of Education, and has been involved in building custom homes for 25 years.  His leadership has been instrumental in improving many areas around him and he has served in Executive positions for many organizations, both locally and nationally.



Let's Restructure Alberta Together!

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